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Pure Acai Berry Max

An Appetite Suppressant & Metabolism Enhancer

Pure Acai Berry Max is guaranteed to be pure, 100% acai berry with no fillers or unwanted ingredients - and that's a money back guarantee. Not all acai berry supplements contain pure acai berry. Some actually contain no acai berry, but PureAcaiBerry™ is a pure 100% acai berry supplement.

This Brazilian fruit of the Amazonian Acai Palm has been used as a metabolism enhancer and an appetite suppressant for years by the people of South America. If, after your research and study, you decide to add acai berry to your weight loss/control program, or to take it for your geneal health, Pure Acai Berry Max is a good choice.


Over the past several years there has been a craze in the industrialized world for the natural super-foods used for eros by the indigenous or aboriginal people of primitive lands.

The acai berry is just such a super-food, and Pure Acai Berry Max is is a pure 100% acai berry supplement.

When you order Pure Acai Berry Max you get:

  • • Free Successful Detox & Weight Management Ebook
  • • 100% Pure Acai Berry
  • • Massive 1500mg of Pure Acai Berry per serving
  • • Pure Acai Berry Max contains nothing but Pure 100% freeze dried acai
  • • Contains no fillers or additives
  • • Acai is a type of bioflavonoid antioxidant
  • • High ORAC antioxidant rating
  • • May help to maintain normal metabolism and energy production
  • • Rich in healthy fats, known as Omegas.
  • • Contains 19 different amino acids, the building blocks of protein
  • • 180 day money back guarantee
  • • Shipped from the United Kingdom


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